NQC LIVE! August 2016

In this month’s NQC LIVE, Heather Thomas answered your questions on how to deal with fullness when quilting, how to enlarge blocks and how to get started machine quilting. She also talked about how to start building a fabric stash as well as how to find inspiration to start a new project.

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38 Responses to “NQC LIVE! August 2016”

  1. Connie McGuire

    when I give a quilt as a gift, they ask do I need to dry clean it or wash it? I always prewash all my material....so is it safe to say you can wash it?

  2. Patricia A

    video does not show

  3. Dorothy Gargis

    Im a beginner and like to learn all about sewing and quilting

  4. Betty

    I loved your presentation, learned a lot from it. My quilting has gotten better since I started to view this videos. Thank You.

  5. Audrey

    f If I have enough backing in my quilt can I fold it over to the front I sew it to form the binding or should I cut it off and bind the quilt in the regular way.

  6. Ann

    I am new to quilting and I am not sure when to square my quilt. Do I square after each piecing or after all is sewn together?

  7. leona

    How should I store my quilts to prevent those fold lines?

  8. Kathie Fortner

    Enjoyed your common sense answers. Also enjoyed your extra tips when you respond to a question.

  9. Mary

    I am doing a quilt which has various coloured blocks, black sashing and the back has a pattern down centre and is black, I was wondering what colour to do the quilting in was thinking of doing stitch in the ditch

  10. Laura Willis

    Really great info