My Batting Won't Stop Slipping!

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My batting is always slipping and stretching when I use my regular sewing machine. I’ve tried a walking foot, even lowered my dogs, but still the batting squishes out. I’m only using 2–3 layers of fabric. HELP PLEASE! What am I doing wrong?

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Hi there! Another thing that can help keep all of your layers even is if you can lessen the presser foot pressure on your machine. If your machine does not have this capability, I would recommend basting the layers together with pins every couple inches or so to make sure the batting doesn’t slip.

Hope that helps!


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6 Responses to “My Batting Won't Stop Slipping!”

  1. Nancy

    Can I mail you a cheque for three dollars, as I do not send my emails with my credit card,as I have been hacked too often, I am eighty years old and still sewing quilts, only now there are so many easy ways to do different to do quilting, I learned with sand paper backing on my templates, so I would enjoy some of your hints and methods

  2. Kat

    I would like to have my quilt finished by a Longarm quilter. What do I need to know. Do I give them the quilt top, batting & backing separate? Do I supply the thread?

  3. Carol Kelliher

    I have a question. I’m a beginner at quilting. Why do you cut the batting larger than the quilt? You have to trim it anyways so why not cut it to size?

  4. ann fox

    maybe the person whose batting is slipping could also try "505 spray glue" lightly between the layers ? ? should help a bit. AF

  5. Lisa

    Has anyone tried a light spray of spray starch? Just enough to have it 'tacky' enough to keep the batting in place? It's just a thought. :-)

  6. Mary Miller

    I came across 20 12x12 quilt blocks that were hand sewn by my husband’s grandmother. I am unsure what to do with them next. Is there a specific video or other instructions that would help me with the next steps in making a quilt?