15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric

“I don’t think I need any more fabric; I’ve got all that I need”… said no one ever! In case you need any motivation to go out and buy more fabric for your next quilting project (though we highly doubt that you do!), here are 15 reasons to help you support your case!

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46 Responses to “15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric”

  1. Joan Pigon

    It was so great having so many scraps when I made masks to give away last year.

  2. Theresa Atkinson

    Because fabric is like having works of art. I consider myself an art museum

  3. Nancy

    When you find material that you forgot you had, and love it as much now as when you first saw it.

  4. Andrea

    Because walking into a quilt shop is therapy. Regardless of how I’m feeling, there is always a warm welcome and no judgement about how or why I am purchasing fabric. Much, much better than going to a therapist!! I’m worth it! :)

  5. Adrienne

    I have maintained for years that since I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs I have to have some kind of vice so I buy lots and lots of fabric! Even my husband approves. I also do loads of charity quilts each year. That should count for something!

  6. Jane

    I gave up smoking and I can get 2 mtrs. Of fabric @$23AUD for the cost of 1 pkt. of cigs! $46AUD! How cool is that? Jane B

  7. April O

    Because this scrappy quilt calls for a certain color that I do not normally buy and I am almost out. I just need a yard or two! Oh wait! That fabric is SO pretty, I could use it on the next …. ooooohhhh, that one will go perfect with this one, and this one! And just look at this one! I’ll just get a couple yards of each so I have a good variety on my next quilt! Oh, who am I trying to kid? I’m going to need at least 5 yards each because we all know that you will never be able to find it again if you need it!

  8. Rebecca

    Because the quiltroom is on the second floor, all that fabric acts as an insulation barrier keeping the house warmer in the winter and cooler in summer! (Saves on heating/cooling costs!)

  9. Judith Janes

    It goes out of print! If you don’t buy it right now, you may never see it for sale again!

  10. Jenny

    Well since … I have already filled the guest room, dining room and hallways. and plans of a new addition to the house are in the works. Lol
    There are a few more I like to add, buying fabric while on sale is good. It is even more fun when you buy it online while hubby is asleep. 😂
    And…since the “freezer” is full of my hidden stash. Now I have to find a new place to hide my beautiful treasures. And while hubby is out, I’ll add a few new treasures mixed in with the other fabric. He will not notice. 😂😜

  11. Leslie Randall

    Because it is the annual Pendleton Woolen Mill Store sale!! I don’t have that pattern in that color or that new pattern in all those colors or as my husband says I can’t resist their sales. I tell him, there is a give away on the reservation somewhere and they might need me to make something. http://thewoolenmillstore.blogspot.com/

    • Geraldine

      I didn’t know they still did that !! I have to put it on my list 😂😂I meet you in line😂😂😁

  12. Patricia Gabriel

    Because I love it and know I want to use for a future quilt and it might be discontinued before I “need” it. So I have to get it NOW.

  13. Debbie

    Because like chocolate it makes e feel good, and gives me pleasure,but unlike chocolate it’s fat free and lasts more than 5 minutes!

  14. Karon

    I love all 15 reasons. However, I did see one more on a bumper sticker:
    The one who dies with the most fabric wins.

  15. Helen

    May I add another reason ….. “because I may not see that fabric again” ….. particularly if I am fabric shopping on holidays.

  16. Teresa

    Another reason is that my daughter keeps stealing all my fabric to sew stuff of her own. I need some material to see how creative I can be…

  17. Rosalie Knoll

    My stash cries out for more fabric, besides, I was told – “she or he who dies with the biggest stash goes to heaven.”

  18. Alice Smeathers

    Because…it insulates the closet, it’s cheaper than psychiatric care, I’m worth it, it’s not immoral, illegal or fattening,
    it calms, serves and gratifies the soul, It keeps the cotton farmers, textile and quilt shop clerks employed, It keeps without refrigeration, it doesn’t need cooking, feeding, burping, changing, wiping, the car or college tuition.

  19. Lynn J

    Reasons to buy fabric. Because I found several bolts of a beautiful collection. Let me have what is on the bolt please. I have no idea what I will make.

  20. kitties07

    I just love going through my fabric room, it makes me happy to see all the dots, stripes, plaids and beautiful colors surrounding me……also it keeps my sewing machine company and me content!

  21. Betty

    After many years of only being able to afford what I needed, I now (because I am old/er) can afford what I want. And I am ‘worth it’.