• Quilted artist clutch

    Quilted Artist Clutch to Carry Art Supplies

    Learn how to make a quilted artists clutch from a series of quilted rectangles so you can carry art supplies with you- Heather Thomas shows you how. Supplies for a Quilted Artist Clutch For this quilt project all you need is several quilted rectangles. The size of rectangles you need depends on the size of…

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  • Small Quilting Projects: Charm Square Cat Toys

    Small Quilting Projects: Charm Square Cat Toys

    Are you a cat lover? Do you have leftover charm squares needing a project? If so, then this is the video for you. Laura Stone Roberts, servant to three wonderful cats, shares everything you need to know to make truly adorable cat toys with no hand stitching. Important safety tips are covered, and you will…

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