• Fabric beaded pendant

    Quilt an Easy Stylish Fabric Beaded Pendant

    Many people consider themselves multi-crafters, meaning that they enjoy more than one type of craft. In this video, learn how to quilt a beaded pendant and combine the arts of quilting and jewelry making with Heather Thomas. Fabrics Great for Making Jewelry For this fun beaded pendant, you don’t need very large pieces of quilt…

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  • 17:39

    Make a Jewelry Box with a Quilted Vintage Storage Tin

    Learn how to dress up a vintage storage tin with miniature art quilts. Heather Thomas shows you how to turn the tin into a beautiful jewelry box or a fun little art piece. Tins For this project Heather shows how you can use any size of vintage storage tin that you find. She shows an…

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  • Adding Quilt Jewelry and Metals to Quilts

    Adding Quilt Jewelry and Metals to Quilts

    Heather Thomas adds some tiny pieces of hot fixed metal to an already amazing quilt to make it sparkle. Learn how to enhance your quilt with some jewelry too. Once you find the metal in the shape you desire Heather will help you place them and iron them on.

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