• Colorful paper towel quilt

    Make a Colorful Paper Towel Quilt for a Unique Wall Art Piece

    Painting and dying fabric to make an art quilt can be fun, exciting and messy. Heather Thomas shows you how to use the paper towels you may be using to clean up art messes and turn them into paper towel quilts. Paper Towels as Art? When it comes to using paper towels to create a…

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  • How to Paint Fabric for Quilting

    How to Paint Fabric for Quilting

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to put color onto fabric. You will need stabilized fabric and she suggests three different inks – tee juice markers, fabric markers, or liquid ink. Learn how to paint your fabric by penciling your drawing on your stabilized fabric and then color in different areas using multiple colors with a…

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  • Painting and stitching a watercolor quilt

    Painting and Stitching Silhouette Watercolor Quilts

    When creating a quilt, sometimes the piecing is the main focal point and sometimes it is the quilting. In this fun watercolor quilt technique, Heather Thomas shows you how to paint a fabric background and then quilt a design over the whole piece. Tools for Watercolor Quilts To create a watercolor quilt you need fabric…

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  • Stenciling a quilt

    Using Quilt Stencils to Enhance a Boring Quilt

    Whether you’ve been quilting for months or for many years, odds are you have made a quilt that didn’t turn out the way you had planned. Heather Thomas shows how to add extra visual interest to a quilt using quilt stencils and fabric paint. Stencils and Paint To add extra design to your quilt using…

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  • Painting on fabric with a spatula

    Using Household Items When Painting on Fabric

    Painting on fabric can be a fun way to create new and unique designs. Heather Thomas shows you how to utilize household items together on one piece of fabric in a way that creates a cohesive end result. Tools To begin, Heather shows what tools she will be using to create her fabric. Rather than…

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  • Gilded quilt edging

    Gilded Quilt Edging as an Embellishment

    Gilding is a fun method that can be used to add extra visual interest to piece and also be used to create a fun quilt edging. Heather Thomas shows you how to incorporate this technique into your next project. Embellish At some point it happens to all quilters- you finish a project and it isn’t…

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  • Quilt Binding Techniques: Piped Binding

    Quilt Binding Techniques: Piped Binding

    Sherri Driver demonstrates how to make a piped binding with a machine. The technique originates from Debra Wagner’s “Traditional Quilts Todays Techniques” book. Sherri wants to make sure your work stands out by using flashy fabric as well as showing you how to make perfectly mitered binding for corners.

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  • Create Texture and Color Using Using Tyvek® Fabric

    Create Texture and Color Using Using Tyvek® Fabric

    Heather Thomas discusses Tyvek® Fabric and the way it can be used to create a unique art quilt. Tyvek material can be melted to create a hard, stone-like design. Watch as Heather discusses this very artistic quilting project – including how to paint and melt your Tyvek. Create texture and depth in your next project…

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  • Fabric Paint Overview

    Fabric Paint Overview

    Heather Thomas talks about why she likes to add fabric paint primer to her quilting projects, and then demonstrates the step-by-step process and the simple techniques that you’ll need for painting your fabrics. She prefers to use Dye-Na-Flow paints because of their thin consistency and wide range of colors.

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