• Adding a hanging sleeve

    Adding a Hanging Sleeve

    A quilt hanging sleeve is the perfect addition to any size of quilt in order to easily display it on a wall. Colleen Tauke shows how to add a quilt hanging sleeve to a quilt, either before or after the quilt has been bound.

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  • Bird thread painting

    Thread Painting: Tips and Techniques

    Thread painting is a great way to add extra color to a project using free motion stitching. In this video, Ashley Hough demonstrates this creative quilting technique. Thread Painting: Fabric and Machine Preparation and Stitching Whether you are stitching a small wall hanging project or quilting a bed size quilt-thread painting can be used to…

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  • How to Make Twisted Cord

    How to Make Twisted Cord

    Many times when we are quilting we want our edging or trimming to match our quilts. I.V. Anderson teaches you how to make twisted cord that matches any quilt piece. Learn what materials you can use to create your twisted cord and find out what other tips she has to offer in this free quilting…

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  • How to Make a Quilt Label

    How to Make a Quilt Label Out of Fabric

    Diane Harris makes adding a label to your quilt completely painless. Start by brainstorming and creating what your label will say and how it will look using Microsoft Word. You will need to get special fabric paper that runs through your printer. After you get your label printed learn how to add a border and…

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  • How to Make Melted Fabric Beads

    How to Make Melted Fabric Beads

    Heather Thomas demonstrates how quick and easy it is to make melted fiber beads to add excitment to your quilt. Learn how to identify meltable fabrics and how to properly test them to see how the fabric melts. Find out how to make beads using the melted fabric as well as what materials you will…

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  • Creative Quilting Ideas Using Paper Clay

    Creative Quilting Ideas Using Paper Clay

    Heather Thomas presents detailed techniques to add luminosity to your quilts by utilizing paper clay, small metals and crystals. Learn how to add more dimension to your quilts by incorporating your own paper clay models. Use these fun tips and creative ideas to make your quilts truly stand out.

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  • Melty Beads Designs

    Melty Beads Designs

    Heather Thomas teaches you how to create what she likes to call “melty beads,” which are fun, unique, and will look great on your next quilting project. She demonstrates the step-by-step process for creating the melty beads, made from Lutradur, Textiva film, cheesecloth, and heat.

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  • how to transfer a quilting pattern

    How to Transfer a Pattern onto Your Project

    In this video, Kelly Hanson shows you how to transfer a pattern onto your next quilting project using tulle. Pattern Whether you want to transfer the outline of a fun shape or a string of sentences onto your next project, you can do it by simply using a piece of tulle and some marking pens…

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  • Printing on fabric

    How to Print on Fabric

    Printing on fabric can be a great way to add photos and other personal touches to a quilt. Kelly Hanson shares with you two of her favorite products to use when printing on fabric and explains how to use them. Set Up When preparing to do any kind of image transfer technique on a quilt…

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