Heather Thomas

Scrap Fabric Project: Notebook Cover

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   18  mins

Scrap fabric projects are the perfect way to use up small pieces of leftover fabric, and with this project- no piece is too small. Heather Thomas shows you how to make a small notebook cover embellished with small pieces of fabric, sometimes called schnibbles.

Notebook Cover

For this scrap fabric project, Heather is making a small notebook cover, however she explains how the project can be easily adapted to make covers for other items like checkbooks or tablets. She begins by showing how to measure and add seam allowance for the size of notebook being inserted into the the cover. She then layers the fabric, stitches the perimeter and turns right side out. Heather then shows how to add a pocket to the inside and stitch it in place at the same time she top stitches and closes the opening for turning.


With the notebook cover scrap fabric project constructed it’s time to add the schnibbles to the surface of the fabric. This is a creative way to use quilt scraps that involves cutting the scraps into smaller pieces. Heather demonstrates how she cuts the scraps down and explains how small they should get. Once the scraps are small enough she shows how she simply piles all of the little pieces onto the surface of the project and begins stitching them in place.

Heather stitches them down using a regular presser foot and stitches in a grid pattern. She explains how this is easier than using a free motion foot which can move the small pieces around too much. Once the grid has been stitched, Heather shows how she cleans up the edges and trims down any pieces that are too large. Any extra schnibbles can be saved for the next time you make a quilt with scraps and want to add this fun texture to the surface of your quilt.

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