Heather Thomas

Unique Embellishments to Hang Your Quilt

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   9  mins

When it comes to hanging a quilt- the possibilities are endless. Rather than making a traditional sleeve to hang your next quilt, consider using one of these fun ideas from Heather Thomas.

Odds and Ends

On many of her art quilts, Heather embellishes the quilt with objects that aren’t always considered typical quilting supplies. She applies the same ideas when it comes to hanging her quilts and shares several fun ideas. Different gauges of copper wire can be easily bent to make a hanging apparatus.

Heather shows one that she has made, explains how she constructed it and shares several different ways it can be used. Heather then shows several different things that you can probably find lying around somewhere that can be used as quilt hangers. These items include old drawer pulls, hinges, parts of an old screen door, a propeller and other pieces of metal. She shares how she would use each and explains how they either match or compliment the quilt. Several of these pieces can be used not only on the top of the quilt to hang it but on the bottom as well to either provide weight to the quilt or build a quilt frame.


After you have decided what you want to use to hang your quilt you need to think about how to hang your quilt on a wall. Heather explains how she plans through both attaching the object to the quilt and how to hang it using either string or nails. In some cases the object you choose provides an obvious way to hang the quilt and other times you have to be more creative. Heather explains how it is important to plan ahead when attaching your item to your quilt so you know whether you need to make holes in the quilt or any other alteration to the quilt top.

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