How to Transfer Images to Fabric

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Heather Thomas talks about a hot new technique called image transferring. Learn to take a photograph or image and transfer it to fabrics, papers, or mediums that are washable. Discover different techniques that allow you to be creative with your quilting such as a cotton fabric with paper backing, lutradur, SewPaintable, Inktense, and digital ground medium.

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15 Responses to “How to Transfer Images to Fabric”
  1. Donna Hogan, Clarksville, TN

    I always like to see the products listed. My hearing aids do not pick up words very well when spoken so fast.

    • National Quilters Circle

      Hi Donna. Thank you for your feedback. We have forwarded your comment to the proper department. Your comments are important to us and help with the development of our online video streaming community.

  2. Maree

    What great inspiration and information, thank you so much. Can I suggest you add a list of products used, with links to more information or perhaps even where to buy? Thanks again.

    • National Quilters Circle

      Hi Maree. Thank you for your suggestion. We would like to let you know that your comment has been forwarded to the proper department. We appreciate your comments. They are important to us and help with the development of our online video streaming community.

  3. cquilter

    Thank you so much Heather. I have always wanted to do this but never knew how or where to start. You named several products and how to use them, which helps a lot. I love the fact that you can also color some yourself, how neat is that. You are going to make artists out of us yet……thank you again. Love it. Claudia

  4. Kathy

    Is there a class to purchase for this with written instructions? If not this would be great in order to provide details on items to purchase and “how to”, so one does not have to try and watch it over and over to get details.

  5. Collette Morton

    This was a great video. For the products you discussed, what kind of printers do the work with? Laser or ink jet or both?

  6. CHS

    There is no mention of whether these products require an INKJET printer or can be used on a laser printer. This information is vital, since no one wants to ruin a printer! Please reply to let us know?

  7. arlene meland

    Would like to see names of products used and process we could print off. Thank-you

    • Customer Service

      Hello Arlene,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a printable list of products at this time, however she does make mention of each product she uses.

      Ashley NQC Video Membership

  8. Debra

    Enjoyed watching this video a lot. Have to agree with previous comments it would be nice to include a list of products used that we could print out or stop the video on and write down ourselves. I’m not sure if she said she was using “TAP” or “CAP” for the last product that was her favorite. Will have to do some research.


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