Heather Thomas

How to Transfer Images to Fabric

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   10  mins

Heather Thomas talks about a hot new technique called image transferring. Learn to take a photograph or image and transfer it to fabrics, papers, or mediums that are washable. Discover different techniques that allow you to be creative with your quilting such as a cotton fabric with paper backing, lutradur, SewPaintable, Inktense, and digital ground medium.

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19 Responses to “How to Transfer Images to Fabric”

  1. CAROL S (S

    Hi Heather. Can you use a HP Color Laser Jet Printer Pro with all of these products you are talking about? Thank you, Sue (Carol)

  2. Mary

    What do I need to Transfer a Photo Picture onto fabric?

  3. Marjorie Kidwell

    I just joined this website. I see this introduction video is from 2015. Are there newer videos that provide detailed instructions for each project and better discussion of the pros and cons of each? A supplies list is essential.

  4. Donna

    I haven't tried transferring any photo to fabric yet. I got mixed up with 3 methods being discussed. I couldn't tell if the painting was part of the transfer process and if all three methods involved a printer printing onto fabric and/or ironing to apply the photo. I would guess that the transfer paper didn't go through a printer, but I still would need to see all of the steps involved in each of methods 2 & 3 - ironing, painting, printing, to understand the process.

  5. JOAN

    Thank you. I did get all the names and typed in Word and stopped your video to clarify what I heard. I have one question: CNT is a pattern company for quilters who like to make their own clothes. I did not see in their catalog that they have TAP transfer paper. I will check with my own quilt stores here in Huntsville, AL. I am sure they can help. It was a very informative video. I watched it twice!

  6. Patricia

    What tp put picture of a school into college T-shirt quilt. My experience has been BAD. I bought transfer paper that was rubbery - pinned well, NOT washable started peeling as soon as put into quilt. Printed on 100% cotton, look great washed and faded. I wold love to finish the quilt to give to my son-in-law. Any ideas???

  7. Nancy Stukenberg

    How do I get the closed captioning to work, says unknown which would be English. Either that list the products you’re using. I didn’t get the brand name for the glue method.

  8. Mary Ann dewitt

    Interested in using photos

  9. MaryAnn dewitt

    Love this tutorial

  10. Debra

    Enjoyed watching this video a lot. Have to agree with previous comments it would be nice to include a list of products used that we could print out or stop the video on and write down ourselves. I'm not sure if she said she was using "TAP" or "CAP" for the last product that was her favorite. Will have to do some research.

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