How to Make a Square Quilt by Marking ¼” on the Machine

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Duration: 4:43

Learn how to make a square quilt every time by ensuring you have an accurate quarter inch seam allowance. Kelly Hanson shares a great way to test your seam allowance as well as a way to fix your seam allowance if necessary.


Even if you are new to quilting you’ve probably found that most quilts are pieced using a quarter inch seam allowance. This is written into patterns and it is important to piece using this seam allowance to ensure a square quilt and also ensure that your blocks and quilts turn out the correct size. While some machines have a quarter inch foot and/or have a pre-set quarter inch seam needle setting, it is still important to test and adjust the seam allowance if necessary. Kelly shows you an easy way to test your seam allowance using a small scrap of fabric. If you find that your seam allowance is not a quarter inch, it is important that you adjust it before you do any quilt piecing, as this is the foundation to learning how to make a square quilt.

Measure and Mark

After she tests her seam allowance, Kelly shows an easy way to measure and mark a guideline on her machine that keeps her seam allowances accurate, ensuring a square quilt. Kelly uses a seam measuring tool that she can place on her machine under the presser foot. The tool has multiple holes that the machine needle can be inserted in, which adjusts what the seam allowance will be. Once the measuring tool is in place, Kelly then shows how to use a piece of tape to mark along the edge of the ruler. Fabric is then guided along the tape when sewing, ensuring an accurate seam allowance. Once you learn how to make a square quilt by always using accurate seam allowances, you should find that all of your quilt piecing improves and your blocks and quilts will continue to turn out the correct size and shape.

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3 Responses to “How to Make a Square Quilt by Marking ¼” on the Machine”

  1. Lynndee nelson

    Where might I purchase the measurement tool you used for this video? Seems so simple with your method

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      Hello Lynndee,

      Thank you for contacting us. I found mine on Amazon.


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