Ashley Hough

How Much Thread Do I Need for My Quilt?

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   5  mins

Whether you are ordering online or simply buying all of your quilting supplies ahead of time at the store, knowing how many yards of thread will be needed for your quilting project is important. Ashley Hough shares some general guidelines for determining how much thread will be needed to complete your next project.

Quilt Size and Thread Yardage

Before determining how much thread will be needed, you must first decide how large your quilt is going to be. If you are following a pattern, it will tell you from the beginning whether you are making a twin, queen, or king size quilt. If you are making up your own design, determine what the finished length and width of the quilt is going to be.

Once you have your dimensions, find where your quilt fits in terms of standard quilt sizes. While there are common quilt sizes that fit standard mattress sizes, there can still be slight variations in finished quilt sizes anywhere from three to eight inches. After classifying your quilt into one of the standard quilt sizes, determine how much quilting you plan to do. This can be anything from light to medium to heavy quilting and is in terms of how close together you plan to quilt.

From there, take your quilt size with the desired quilting amount and use the chart to see how much thread, in yards, will be needed. Note that this is an approximation and you may need slightly more or less thread if your quilting does not quite fall within one of the light, medium, or heavy quilting parameters.

Once you know the yardage that is needed, it’s time to shop for thread. Choosing the right quilting thread is as important as choosing the right fabric, as it is what holds the layers together. A quilting thread overview will give you more information on the types of quilting threads available and what you should choose.

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9 Responses to “How Much Thread Do I Need for My Quilt?”


    I’m disappointed that I had to read in the comments that the quantity of thread given in the chart is only for the top of the quilt! Obviously, this should have been mentioned in the video—or at the VERY least in the discussion. Links to charts were also promised to be added to the description, but have not been done so after 3 years. So disappointing! I’m beginning to question why I paid for a premium membership.

  2. Donna Rouse

    can you send me a copy of these charts to keep as a reference in the future? Thanks. Donna Rouse

  3. Laurel

    <strong> Does this include the bobbin thread too.


    Under discussion it says that there are 6 responses to "How much thread to quilt a quilt?" but I can't see any of the other comments. Why? That information is often really helpful. When did you start hiding comments?

  5. Diane Bridge

    I couldn’t find the chart that was referred to.


    Good information! I really had no idea how much thread to buy when I was at the store today. I was buying for the quilt I'm working on right now, now I know that I have plenty of thread! Thanks, Ashley.

  7. Rita

    Isn't there a printable valuable of the chart you show on the video?

  8. Alice

    Would the amount of thread needed for the bobbins be approximately the same amount?

  9. Rosella

    Based on estimates I've seen elsewhere the amounts shown do not include the amount of thread you would need for the bobbin, is that right?

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