Essential Supplies to Pack in Your Travel Quilt Kit

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   6  mins

Whether you go to quilt camps or retreats every weekend or you are packing for your first, having a travel quilt kit ready to go can make preparations much easier. Kelly Hanson shows you what kinds of tools and notions she has in her quilt kit in this fun quilting video.


When putting together a quilt kit there are several tools that might seem obvious to include- like a rotary cutter. Kelly shows what kind of rotary cutter she likes to include in her kit and also what other quilting tools she includes that you might not think to add. Since you will most likely be using your rotary cutter a lot, it is a good idea to add additional sharp blades to your kit. She also recommends adding an empty rotary blade container to your kit so you can safely dispose of used blades. Kelly also recommends having a variety of marking utensils in your kit, both for fabric as well as paper, as you may find yourself drawing out new ideas or patterns.


Since most people are going to camps or retreats with the intention of sewing or quilting it is always a good idea to have needles and thread in your quilt kit. Kelly recommends including a variety of both hand and machine needles as well as a variety of different kinds of thread. She also includes several pre-wound bobbins and plenty of pins. Large rulers can sometimes be difficult to add to a quilt kit, however you can add a small one as well as several tape measures in case you need them. Once you have included all of the necessary tools and supplies into your travel quilt kit it’s time to add several odds and ends. Kelly likes to include both tape and glue in her kit and explains why.

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  1. Patricia

    the video kept stopping and starting every few seconds

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