Heather Thomas

Easy-to-Make Handmade Cards

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   10  mins

Learn how to create a beautiful handmade card for a friend or loved one in this quilting tutorial with Heather Thomas. Heather shows us a few quick ways to make homemade cards by starting with a pre-made card and adding fun embellishments! By using unique or unusual fabrics and decorative stitches, you can create a beautiful card that is all your own!

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4 Responses to “Easy-to-Make Handmade Cards”

  1. Linda

    I love your creative ideas, especially using scraps (so green!). The only question I have is: do you encounter any issues with sewing through fabric that has been glued down? Last year, I ruined my sewing machine by sewing through velcro with an adhesive backing. :-( In any case, I think I can use your ideas and just hand stitch the cards.

  2. cheryllarr

    Hi Heather, I just love the way you, fabric scrap, paper, glue and string have it going on. lol I have seen cards like this and have always wanted to do it but never thought I could. I see now and how to think out side the box. Heather I just have to say thanks for sharing all your neat ideas. Now I have to try them. Cheryl

  3. Luvcreatincards

    Hello Heather, I have just watched and enjoyed your lovely video, your cards are so pretty and the various colour and texture choices make them so interesting. I was recently going through my 'Bits 'n''' bobs box with a view to clearing it out and throwing the tiny scraps away, but now I think I'm put the small scraps into another box and keep it with my card making things. Thanks for sharing this fun quick 'n' easy idea.

  4. Anne

    Hi Heather I just watched your card making ideas video & had to tell you I love your ideas! I was about to sell all my card making/cards etc as I'm always quilting nowadays, but you've given me new inspiration to begin 'sewing' my own. Thank you sooo much šŸ¤—šŸ˜„

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