Heather Thomas

How to Create a Tilted Quilt Block

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   8  mins

While cutting quilting fabric into smaller pieces and then piecing them back together in various ways is generally how a quilt comes together, every now and again quilters have fabric that they don’t necessarily want to cut down. Heather Thomas shows you how you can use larger squares of fabric and add strips cut at different angles around the outside edge of the square to create a tilted quilt block.

Tilted Block

Creating a tilted quilt block is a great way to add more interest to a block when using larger squares of fabric. Heather shows you how to use this technique to create your own quilt block using a six inch finished quilt block from a solid square of fabric, however the same technique can be used for different sizes of blocks as well as pieced blocks. She shows a fun example quilt featuring traditional house blocks that have been tilted at different angles and then pieced together. To create a tilted quilt block she explains how to first determine the width of fabric strip needed to add to the block depending on its size. From there Heather explains how to mark your square quilting ruler to make lining up the tilted quilt block easier. She then demonstrates how to start sewing the block by piecing fabric strips to opposite sides of the block. Heather then shows how to use the marked square ruler to cut the strips at desired angles. She explains that as long as certain areas of the block are inside the marked area on the ruler, any angle can be chose to tilt the block. Once the first two strips have been cut Heather shows how to attach the remaining two strips and cut them at an angle to created the finished tilted quilt block.

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