Chain Reaction Quilt Patterns

June Dudley
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Duration:   24  mins

June Dudley talks about Lee Heinrich’s piece “Chain Reaction” from Quiltmakers Magazine in March 2012. She also covers different versions of this piece made by Bonnie Stapleton, Melissa Radtke, and Donna Hanley. You can learn how to make this piece with the new sizes from precut 2 ½ inch strips.

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13 Responses to “Chain Reaction Quilt Patterns”

  1. Nel

    Here’s the ’Chain Reaction’ pattern info. I was able to purchase it the day after I received an NQC email featuring this video last month (August 2022): Chain Reaction PDF Pattern – Lee Heinrich - Modern Quilt Patterns

  2. Sheree

    Super tutorial on what could be a Confusing block. Your instructions were clear and I liked that you pointed out pitfalls that I know could be common. Great instructor!

  3. Virginia Walton

    It sounded like we were supposed to see the variety of quilts but they were never shown. Disappointing

  4. JILL

    Loved this video!! Makes me want to go right home take out all those jelly rolls and strip sets I purchased and never used yet! I’ll just now have to purchase some 10” squares to make it real easy!!

  5. Virginia

    I definitely was disappointed that we did not get to see the other quilts mentioned. Also it says we can learn to make this quilt but doesn't say where to go. I see you mentioned you did not have the pattern

  6. LINDA

    Just saw this video, and the quilt turned out so pretty. I too would have liked seeing the examples she mentioned in the video, as I couldn’t visualize what the quilt would look like. I think she did a good job of explaining the steps, including examples of some mistakes to be aware of. Thanks for this. I will keep this pattern in mind when I get some pretty jelly rolls.

  7. Joan

    Thanks for this video - I enjoyed watching it! Interesting pattern & I love the idea of using the "scraps" in the border of the quilt - I frequently try to do that.

  8. Deb Bayne

    It would have been really nice to see the quilts she was describing in the beginning of the tutorial.

  9. S Key

    She needs to be a little more organized. She really needs to show examples that she talks about. As a teacher, myself, she needs to have more confidence in herself. It was hard to stay interested as she was very monotone with her teaching.

  10. Mary

    I'm lost because she starts on hers before I've even seen one even though she kept saying as you see or as we can see.

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