Baby Quilts: Perfect for Newborns

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It is always an exciting time when a new baby is expected in the family. Diane Harris walks us through how to make better baby quilts, specifically for newborns that can help us mark these special occasions. Watch as some different examples of baby quilts are showcased, and listen as Diane walks you through step-by-step how to make a quilt for that special baby in your life!

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8 Responses to “Baby Quilts: Perfect for Newborns”
  1. Debbie rhodes

    I have been making blankets like this for my new nieces and nephews they are very appreciated gifts.

  2. Rhonda L. Morrison

    I love this video. Learned some good tips. Thank you. I do have a question, will fleece work as good as the flannel?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Rhonda, fleece is probably not an appropriate choice. Fleece tends to wear and pill more than flannel and because it is mostly poly, fleece is highly flammable. Many people choose to use high quality minkee on backings for their quilts, this is beautiful but once again poly product and therefore highly flammable. If creating for babies, the preferable backing is cotton flannels. Kelly has used minkee herself, but she always tells parents the risk of poly. They have chosen to use them as stroller quilts rather than crib quilts.

      • Rhonda L. Morrison

        Thank you so much for that information. I have been wanting to make some and wanted to make sure. I learn a lot from these videos and groups. Thank you again. 🙂

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Jean! Thank you for your question. Minkee works great as backing.Minkee is generally a poly product. Wash in cold water gentle cycle without agitator and dry laying flat on rack or over clothes line. Drying at high heat can make minkee hard and brittle. Happy Quilting!

  3. Cecilia Carroll

    The blue and brown quilt appears to be a rectangle and the 9 block is square. Which works better? I have 2 great grandchildren coming this year and want to make some of these. Love the video and thank you for sharing.

    • National Quilters Circle

      Hi, Cecilia. They both work great. If you have time restraints, the rectangle which consists of strips, may be the way to go. Here is another thought-use a panel and back it with minkee, using the pillow case format, and you will have a fabulous baby quilt. Happy Quilting!


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