Applique Designs for the Holiday Season

Duration: 11:01

Do you need some ideas for fast and easy Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year? Kelly Hanson shows us some applique that can be used to create beautiful holiday quilting projects. Watch this video and learn how to create these fun gifts today – including wall hangings, hand towels, and more!

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4 Responses to “Applique Designs for the Holiday Season”
  1. madptd317

    What am I missing? How do you get the fabric onto the steam a seam? I’m assuming you iron it but it didn’t say. Also once you apply the piece to whatever it will be on, how do you do the applique? Willl you just stitch around the edges of each piece?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service


      Yes, steam a seam is a fusible adhesive and is ironed in place. Once the shape is fused in place you can do any kind of applique stitch you want around the edge- straight, zig- zag, blanket or decorative.


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  2. Frances

    Can I buy those two implements to a sewing machine maybe machine is a singer4622 please help thank u