Alternative Seam Rippers and Methods

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   4  mins

Do you still have the first seam ripper you had in high school? In this video, Kelly Pederson Hanson talks about this invaluable little tool we all have in our sewing box, particularly that little red ball on your ripper. She also shows you some alternative seam rippers and methods that you will wish you had learned long ago.

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3 Responses to “Alternative Seam Rippers and Methods”

  1. Sue

    rip off. I am signed up to get emails, i click on the email, it takes me to a video, i click on the arrow and I get an ad from Staples. No option to watch, no way to view video !!!#@$!@@#@!

  2. Margaret

    You should show the use of seam-fix seam ripper, its time and effortsaving and very useful , Thanks

  3. Desiree Dunstan

    That was painful to watch. It may be tedious ripping seams out,but that demonstration was the worst use of a seam ripper I ever saw.

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