Colleen Tauke

How to Add a Wavy or Scalloped Border to your Quilt

Colleen Tauke
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Duration:   22  mins

Adding a scalloped or wavy border to your next quilting project can really make it stand out from simply straight borders. Colleen Tauke walks you through how to plan out, measure, draw, cut, and sew a wavy or scalloped border.

How to Create a Wavy or Scalloped Border


Colleen begins by showing a small quilt and explaining how you should first go about planning out the scallops or waves you want to add to the border. She explains that this is important to do so that you know how to do the math to evenly space out the scallops or waves. It is also a good idea to know whether you will be having an even or odd number of scallops or waves across the border of the quilt.

Colleen then shows how to use a strip of paper to mimic the border and audition the way you want the waves to look. Rather than having to cut several waves and try to make sure they are all identical, Colleen shows how to fold the paper and then cut one wave or scallop. When you unfold the paper, all of the scallops will be identical. She demonstrates cutting several different shapes and styles of waves and scallops and shows how to audition them on the quilt using the paper.

Trace & Cut

Once you have selected the wave or scallop you want to use, Colleen shows how to trace the waves from the paper onto the fabric and cut them out. The quilt can then be quilted and bound. Colleen also gives tips on how to add binding to a wavy or scalloped edge.

For more fun border options, learn about making narrow borders and mitered borders.

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