5 Quilting Tips

Diane Harris
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Duration:   15  mins

Diane Harris teaches you five common quilting tips that everyone should know. The five tips you will learn about involve the length of your stitch, the type of thread you are using, the difference between crosswound and stacked thread, and information about warp and weft threads.

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4 Responses to “5 Quilting Tips”

  1. Carole Shaw

    Hello Diane, Thank you so much for your very interesting video. I have been sewing for about 40 odd years or so, and I was fascinated to learn so much from you. I didn't know about the cross or stack winding, and the tip for a bigger spool holder so threads won't snag. Nor that one has to place spools vertically or horizontally dependent on the way the thread has been wound onto the spool. I have taken a lot away from this lesson. Thank you so much!

  2. matha

    you are just showing how to use the different threads. but I'm not understanding the tip. What is the tip?

  3. Debbie Coon

    Great Tips! How I remember the way to sew the strips together is we read from left to right and we read from top to bottom.

  4. irena mangone

    Found this very interesting

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