Perfect Your Quilting 8-DVD Set + 3 FREE Spools of Polyester Thread


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Bundle: Perfect Your Quilting Skills 8-DVD Set + 3 FREE Spools of Polyester Thread

Perfect Your Quilting Skills 8-DVD Set

In this 8-DVD set learn new skills, techniques and tools to perfect your quilting. Learn to better understand color when it comes to designing a quilt, as well as how to choose the perfect thread. Also, learn fun new techniques like free motion script, set in circles and twisted pleats. Then, see how to finish off a quilt with several binding techniques including continuous binding, cording, edge stitching and other alternative edge techniques. Once quilted, see how to show off your work with several new display options. 8 hours.

Creative Techniques & Innovative Designs – 74 minutes

  • Trying Something New: From Scrap To Canvas
  • Fun & Fanciful: Ribbon Quilts
  • Techniques Revealed: Essential Sewing Techniques Every Quilter Needs to Know
  • Trying Something New: Twisted Pleats
  • Designed by the Experts; Created by the Inspired – 53 minutes

  • Tool Center: New Display Options
  • Every Quilt Has Two Sides
  • Trying Something New: Quick and Easy Rag Tag Quilt
  • Finishing Touches: Edge Your Quilt with Cording & Satin Stitch
  • Expert Advice for Creating Treasured Quilts – 57 minutes

  • Techniques Revealed: Making Narrow Borders
  • Finishing Touches: Alternative Edges
  • Quick Tips: Five Helpful Tips
  • Color Inspirations: Creating Unity and Variety
  • Techniques Revealed: It Takes Two
  • Inspirational Strategies for the Stylish Quilter – 61 minutes

  • Quick Tip: Tips on Speed Sewing for Your Quilt
  • Color Inspiration: Color Graph Prints
  • Quick Tip: Picking the Perfect Thread
  • Trying Something New: Bias Stems
  • Design Workshop: Free Motion Script
  • Quilting Instruction from Experts in the Field – 61 minutes

  • Method Revealed: Continous Binding
  • Fun and Fanciful: Scribble Stitch
  • Trying Something New: Pamphlet Stitched Fabric Books
  • Quilting Techniques to Broaden Your Experience – 63 minutes

  • Techniques Revealed: Discharge Dying Your Quilt
  • Color Inspiration: Quick and Easy Color Theory
  • Techniques Revealed: Basting a Quilt
  • Design Workshop: The Contrast of Line and Shape
  • Trying Something New: Setting in Circle’s
  • Skillful Instruction for Exceptional Creations – 54 minutes

  • Quick Tips: The Real Better Borders
  • Techniques Revealed: Ripped & Stitched
  • Trying Something New: Seeing Double
  • Color Inspiration: Applique Highlights Using Shiva Paintsticks
  • Trying Something New for the Best Quilting Project Results – 57 minutes

  • Trying Something New: Landscape Scrap Photos
  • Trying Something New: Mini Quilt on a Quilt
  • Trying Something New: XO Sew Presents From Your Stash
  • Trying Something New: Stitch a Painted Grid
  • FREE 550 yard Spools of So Fine! #50 Thread ($18 value)

    So Fine! #50 is a lint-free and extra smooth all purpose polyester thread. Excellent for Sewing, Serger, Bobbin Thread and Quilting. Comes with 3 colors: Smoke, Mushroom & Pearl.

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