Machine Quilting with Heather Thomas 4-Class Set (DVD + Streaming)


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Bundle: Machine Quilting with Heather Thomas 4-Class Set (DVD + Streaming)

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No matter what your experience level is, or the quilting styles you’re most comfortable with, you can increase the diversity of your quilts and work more efficiently by learning a wide range of machine quilting techniques.

In this selection of four classes, you’ll get four of National Quilters Circle’s best video classes taught by Heather Thomas – all designed to help you learn machine quilting skills, gain new design ideas, and have more fun!

With nearly 7 hours of instruction, this set will be covering the fundamentals of free motion quilting, how to use script in your designs, creative ways to work in feathers and flowers, great techniques to finish off your quilts, and much more.

To maximize your convenience and long-term flexibility, you’ll own these classes in TWO forms – on DVD and via streaming video online. With this 2-media access, you can enjoy or share the instruction no matter where you’re at!

Each of the four classes you’ll receive includes bonus printable PDF resources that will supplement and expand upon the video instruction you’ll see.

Here is a detailed summary of each class in this collection:

Exploring with Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting has become a well-respected art form. Good quilting can take a simple quilt top and turn it into a thing of exquisite beauty. In this video class, Heather Thomas will show you how to stitch feathers and flowers without ever having to mark the surface of your quilt and will provide tips on when to use them in your quilts. Follow along and learn:

  • Full Frontal Flowers
  • Leaves & Vines
  • Feathers, Feather & More Feathers
  • Bringing it all Together
  • PLUS, you’ll get a downloadable and printable BONUS PDF with a sampling of the motifs Heather uses in this class:

    Video run-time: Over 2 hours, 30 minutes

    Fabulous Free Motion Quilting

    As quilt making becomes more and more artistic and complex, the need to learn more efficient methods of finishing our work with machine quilting becomes more important.
    In this video class, Heather Thomas will introduce you to new ways of seeing machine quilting, both as a valuable design tool and as a means to add longer life to your fabric, as well as your stitch-based art work. Topics included:

  • Introduction
  • Product & Tools Needed
  • Design Choices
  • Ergonomics & Basting
  • Doodling
  • Nine Basic Stitch Outs
  • PLUS, you’ll get 2 printable BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content including a Free Motion Quilting guide and a sampling of Heather’s sketchbook.

    Video run-time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

    Learn to Stitch Free Motion Script

    Whether you simply want to sign your quilts in the stitching, tell your personal story or share your world view, writing on your quilts using easy to master, free motion stitching techniques will give you the opportunity to add very personal touches to your work.

    This video class is for any skill level and stitcher who wants to add more pizazz to their work. Heather Thomas will go over the following:

  • Introduction
  • Choose Your Prose, Saying or Quote
  • The Basics of Free Motion Stitch
  • Marking Lines for Stitch plus Easy Pin Basting
  • Stitching Decorative Capital Letters & Completing the First Pass
  • Adding Interest
  • PLUS, you’ll get a downloadable and printable BONUS PDF with sample letters to use on your next project.

    Video run-time: 65 minutes

    How Should I Quilt This Quilt?

    A really beautiful quilt comes together through the selection of design, pattern, color and quilting. How we finish our quilts can make or break all of the decisions we’ve made up to that point.

    In this video class, art quilter, Heather Thomas will teach you how to use machine quilting to bring out the best in your quilt tops. She will help you understand the physics of quilting and how the density of stitching physically affects the quilt. Follow along with Heather as she goes over the following:

  • Introduction
  • How Stitch Density Affects Depth
  • Motifs and When to Use Them
  • Fill: When, Where & Why
  • Designing the Quilt
  • Thread Selection: Color & Weight
  • PLUS, you’ll get a downloadable and printable BONUS PDF with a sampling of Heather’s stitch out, stippling & motif designs.

    Video run-time: 80 minutes