Fresh Ideas and Design Techniques DVD




DVD: Fresh Ideas & Design Techniques

Join Heather Thomas, Angie Hodapp, Laura Roberts and a host of expert quilters as they share their favorite quilting techniques to give your quilting projects a fresh look. Learn easy quilting methods to create popular reversible quilts, and a vintage looking quilt made from hankies. Follow along as Heather Thomas shows how to work with metal to create accents for your quilting projects, and gives tips on how to use monochromatic fabric to create visually interesting pieces. Learn how to get the right sized fabric every time with the Add-Enough™ tool review. 90 Minutes.


  • Techniques Revealed: Positive – Negative Applique (Angie Hodapp)
  • Design Workshop:  Machine Quilting with Variegated Threads  (Sherri Driver)
  • Try Something New:  A little Hanky Panky   (Diane Harris)
  • Techniques Revealed:  Designs with Metal  (Heather Thomas)
  • Every Quilt Has Two Sides  (Joli Sayasane and Laura Roberts)
  • Fun & Fanciful:  Strippy Landscapes  (June Dudley)
  • Color Inspirations:  Working with Monochromatic Fabrics (Heather Thomas)
  • Tool Center:  Add – Enough  (Carolyn McCormick)
  • Watch a preview of this Video Download below:

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