Essential Color Wheel




Product: Essential Color Wheel

Selecting perfect color combinations has never been easier! By popular demand, Joen Wolfrom has designed a durable, color-accurate, double-sided, multi-purpose color wheel that is perfectly sized for use in your studio, workroom, office, or sewing room.

Also, it’s easily transportable! One side of the wheel features 24 pure colors with 4 essential color-plan wheels for each color. The opposite side shows a range of each pure color’s tints, shades, and tones. Pure-color wedges are slotted so you can audition colors (fabrics, paint swatches, etc.) alongside them to ensure a perfect match.

  • Beautiful color reference based on the Ives scientific color theory–the definitive color source for nearly a century
  • Includes instructions for choosing colors that work together, taking the mystery out of working with tints, tones and shades
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