Designing with Log Cabins (DVD + Download) with FREE Color Wheel

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Bundle: Designing with Log Cabins (DVD + Download) with FREE Color Wheel

Learn about the popular log cabin quilt block and see how to piece it. Then, learn fun ways to design and customize the block to create different looks. Understand what classifies the block as ‘traditional’ and then see how to make it more modern by adding pieced centers or novelty fabric squares.

PLUS, you’ll receive this video in both DVD and download form. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere! Also, with this purchase, you’ll receive a Color Wheel, that’s a perfect tool to use to help determine colors and fabrics for your next project.

Total Run Time: 57 minutes


  • Designing with Log Cabins
  • Basic Block Layout
  • Novelty Center
  • Multiple Variations
  • Piecing with Straight Seams
  • Multiple Variations # 2
  • FREE English Color Wheel ($8 Value)

    This simple, easy to read rotating color wheel will help you select color and fabric. The color wheel explains basic color relationships such as primary, secondary, intermediates, harmonies, monochromatic, complimentary, analogous and triadic.

    Watch a preview of this video below: