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This quilting video takes you from the beginning concept stages of creating a quilt with a discussion of value to add depth to your project to finishing your quilt with a beautifully executed binding, and embellishing your creation with fabric beads. Learn how to create truly one-of-a-kind quilt designs with original fabrics you can make using Angelina and Crystalina fibers, and Textiva fusible film. Our quilting experts also show the versatility of the Add-A-Quarter ruler, and how to create sculptural fabric beads to embellish your art and quilt projects. 96 minutes.


  • Techniques Revealed: Fuse, Cut & Sew Flip Flop Butterflies (Denise Starck)
  • Every Quilt Has Two Sides Sides (Joli Sayasane and Laura Roberts)
  • Fabric Focus: The Importance of Value & Visual Texture (Heather Thomas)
  • Finishing Touches: Binding Basics (Diane Harris)
  • Try Something New: Glimmer & Glitz (Heather Thomas)
  • Reaching Out: Organizing & Participating in Round Robins
  • Tool Center: Many Uses for Add-A-Quarter (Carolyn McCormick)
  • Techniques Revealed: Creating Fabric Beads (Heather Thomas)

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