Wash Appliquéd Quilt Top?

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I have spent a year and a half on very densely appliquéd quilt top and I would like to know if it would be acceptable to wash it with Synthrapol before putting the batting and backing on it.

Submitted by Ann-Marie

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I would definitely not wash it before quilting it. It will get a bit dirty with the quilting too. I would wait until the whole this is quilted and bound, then I would wash it in the delicate cycle only, no agitation (skip it manually if you have to). Use warm water and 1 TBS. only of the Synthrapol. Lay it flat to dry. When it is about half dry, manipulate it as needed to make sure the edges are true and square and smooth out any wrinkles with gentle pulling. Once it is almost entirely dry, press it lightly to remove any remaining wrinkles.

Hope this helps,
Heather Thomas

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6 Responses to “Wash Appliquéd Quilt Top?”

  1. Lora

    Help. I am new at quilting and made a quilt top with red ,white and black fabric. The teacher taught nothing of precast. What do I do now. Thankyoi

  2. Sarah Sang

    Washing depends upon the composition of the fabric in the quilt.

  3. Kyle

    With the new washers they are more sensitive to weight and I worry about taking it to the cleaners because of the cost. What is the best thing to do for cleaning? Help please.

  4. Jean Beisenstein

    Have folks had trouble washing memory quilts that have pictures printed on them

  5. Raye Nae Nylander

    Is it common or required to snip off the jagged edges of charm packs, etc? Or can they be sewed with the jagged edges intact? Thank you...

  6. Christie Somerville

    Mrs. Andrea Smith I am working on your snowy day quilt sample challenge. My question is when sewing the 1/4" seam both sides of the diagonals is it best to use a zig zag stitch or straight stitch? Thank you Christie Somerville Fairly new beginning quilter