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I’m interested in hand quilting—do you have any info on this? My grandmother taught me how to quilt. We would cut out scrap fabric from a pattern she had cut from a cereal box. We would cut one piece at a time, hand sewing them together. We hand quilted in a frame in her TV room for hours. I’d love to pick it up again.

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How wonderful! I made my first quilt the same way, also instructed by my grandmother. Only we would tie our quilts rather than hand quilt them. I actually learned to hand quilt by book. My favorite book was called That Perfect Stitch by Roxanne McElroy. She had a company that also sold amazing metal thimbles. She has since passed away but her family still sells needles and thimbles.

I also suggest picking up some hand quilting books by Alex Anderson—she is one of modern quilting’s most amazing hand quilters.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos on hand quilting that can give you a good place to start:

  • Basic Hand Quilting Techniques
  • Hand Quilting Techniques and Ideas
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    7 Responses to “Try Your Hand at Hand Quilting”

    1. Kathleen Mccarty

      Tips on How to attach Fabric to a Grace Hand quilting frame. Will Grace EZ3 fit a King size quilt?

    2. Sharon Salsberry

      how to figure amount of fabric for 200" of 2 1/2" wide, bias cut binding

    3. Jackie turnbull

      hand quilting a t-shirt quilt. i put the pattern on the back and then quilt that way. but the T-shirt has all the designs on the front. should i just go around the blocks or use the pattern to quilt.i was wondering if it would take away from the front. i quilt with white thread.

    4. Lee Ann

      What kind of thread do I use i.e. weight, etc.

    5. Monta Reina

      What hand quilting frame do you suggest. I live in small quarters. Was looking at the Grace E23 No Baste Quilting Frame. 27 in - craft, 59 in - crib and 91 in for queen quilts. Looks like it folds up nicely. However, do not know how much room it takes up when open and ready for use. What do you think and do you have any other preferences? Want something that will not fall apart or fall over when in use. Thank you for your assistance. Very much appreciated.

    6. Fiona brightwell

      Sewing machines

    7. wanda baird

      I would like to know where and how I could perchase the two videos that are listed above