Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 2

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20 Responses to “Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 2”

  1. Billie Fairman

    Enjoy the day


    What is the finished size of the quilt? Marilyn from Montana

  3. rosasunique

    Where is the video?

  4. Shirley Dickey

    Excited to start

  5. Shirley Dickey

    just starting the cutting

  6. Shirley Dickey


  7. Shirley Dickey

    I'm a little nervous

  8. Delana Arceneaux


  9. stitchess

    I tried and tried and tried every avenue I could find on the website to contact someone last week. This is a platinum class I guess and as a gold member I wanted to see what it would take to change my level. I am very frustrated.

  10. brenda.trout-0013

    I enjoy the videos