Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 1

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44 Responses to “Premium Retention Test - Stained Glass Iris Quilt - Week 1”

  1. Judith House

    I am interested in this type of quilt.

  2. Shirley Dickey

    looking forward to viewing stained glass iris quilt

  3. Tammy Halstead

    I found the finished size, 54" x54" in Week 2 comments.

  4. Tammy Halstead

    What is the finished size of the quilt?

  5. Julie Newman

    i cannot find it

  6. Belinda Dillback

    I am just trying to log in!

  7. Cindy Litke


  8. Stacy ameden

    Interested in this

  9. Brenda Brusha


  10. Karen

    Thank you