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296 Responses to “Show Us Your Quilt”

  1. mary d.

    This style of Kaleidoscope was the first quilt I ever made. Not an easy project.

  2. Janel Baker

    I saved all the bandanas from each time my dog, Rex, got a groom. This blanket represents 16 years worth. This is my first quilt ever! The other side is dog patterned squares.

  3. Denise

    My first king size quilt I’ve completed.

  4. mary d.

    Practice, practice and you can do domestic machine quilting.

  5. mary d.

    My first try at some turned edge applique. With traditional piecing.

  6. Vicki Boehm

    I made this for my grandson for Christmas.

  7. Mary Andrews

    I just finished this top yesterday.

  8. Tracy Hughes

    Any time I can bring nature into my work, I’m very happy!

  9. Susan Petronis

    Made for my grandson who is a graphic design student.

  10. Denise

    For my 5 year old grandson who loves fire trucks.