National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards: And the Winners are…

blogger awards winners

Roll out the red carpet and drum roll, please… National Quilters Circle is proud to announce the winners of its first ever Blogger Awards! With an impressive array of nominees and over 5,000 votes submitted, we are thrilled to be able to now share the winners and runners-up of each category!

For the past month, quilters have been nominating and voting for their favorite quilting blogs in several different categories. The winning bloggers will be receiving a complimentary Premium Membership to National Quilters Circle, a winner’s badge they can display proudly on their site, plus a spotlight feature on the NQC blog. Not to mention great exposure for their blog, plus of course: bragging rights!

And the winners are…

Best Modern Quilting Blog

Best Traditional Quilting Blog

Best Quilting Patterns Blog

Best Overall Quilting Blog

We’d like to extend a great big CONGRATULATIONS to every winner and runner-up in this year’s awards, plus an equally big thank you to all who participated in the nomination and voting. Blogs like the ones represented in this year’s awards are what make our quilting community so fun, active, and vibrant. Make sure to support your favorite blogs by continuing to read and share with your friends!

Winners & Runner-Ups:

Congrats! You have been selected by your fellow quilters as some of the best and brightest blogs in the quilting community this year. We will be contacting you directly with information regarding your winner’s badge, membership, and spotlight feature opportunity. Should you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to us at

We’ll see you next year for the 2016 NQC Blogger Awards!


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3 Responses to “National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards: And the Winners are…”

  1. Gayle Mitchel

    Congrats to my two best, most favorite bloggers! Their daily blogs are always a source of inspiration for my day.

  2. Carol

    Congratulations to al the winner!

  3. Linda Swanekamp

    How about best quilting blog that has no commercial sales? Exuberant color, which was nominated, does not sell supplies or patterns, but is an excellent source of information. One category that does not sell stuff would open up the field.