Meet Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations

Meet Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations! We’re so excited to be working with her.

Make sure to visit Andrea on Facebook, Instagram, and her blog to see more of her free quilt patterns and projects!


National Quilters Circle: How long have you been quilting, and who taught you how to quilt?

Andrea Smith: I’ve been quilting for about 20 years. My mom taught me how to sew when I was a little girl. The first things I made were a pillow, blanket, and some clothes for my Barbie Dolls. I saw a quilt my mom made with fabric scraps she had from clothes she had made. I thought that was so cool, I wanted to make one too. My sister had a sewing class in high school and she taught me some of the quilting basics she learned.

NQC: What was your first quilting project?

AS: I made my very first quilt when I was around 13. I made it with flannel scraps my mom had left over. I would sit and watch TV and hand sew little squares together to make blocks. My mom saw me doing this and said I could sew the blocks together on her sewing machine. The quilt was hand tied with yarn and the edges were folded under and sewn close to the seam.

Completed arrows quilt

NQC: Tell us about Happy Cloud Creations – how long has it been around and what do you make?

AS: : I opened up my online shop in 2011 when I became a stay-at-home mom. I make a variety of handmade items. I specialize in Quick and Easy Quilt Pattern, Quilts, Pot Holders, Coffee Cozies, hand knit Dish Cloths and Infinity Scarves.

Pot holders designed by Andrea. See more designs here.

NQC: Is there a story behind the name, Happy Cloud Creations?

AS: After I became a stay-at-home mom, I thought it would be fun to sell all the items that I loved to create. I was trying to think of a creative name and my son Cloud received a cute wooden Cloud with a smile on it made by his cousin. We called it his Happy Cloud. I thought that would make a cute name.

Bloomtastic quilt

NQC: What do you like to do when you’re not quilting?

AS: I usually quilt before my kids wake up in the morning. So I like knitting at night while we watch a show as a family. I also enjoy dying yarn with food dye with my kids, it’s fun seeing what color combos they come up with.

NQC: What are you currently working on?

AS: I have a stack of WIP’s that I’m slowly working on. I’m also working on a new Fat Quarter/Scrap Friendly quilt pattern. I’m hoping to release the beginning of October.

Echoes quilt

NQC: What project have you been most proud of?

AS: I’d say I’m most proud of finishing my son’s twin size quilt. It’s nothing fancy, but it took me a while to finish. Between working full time and having a new baby, it ended up taking a couple years to finally finish. Now he has a quilt he can keep forever that will always remind him of me.

Scrappy quilt

NQC: What kind of sewing machine do you have?

AS: I have a Janome New Home HD-1000. I’ve always sewn on a mechanical machine, so when I was purchasing this one I was too nervous to change to a computerized. Next time I purchase a sewing machine I would like to buy one that specializes in quilting and has a large throat.

Andrea’s sewing space, where the magic happens.

NQC: What’s your sewing space like?

AS: I live in a fairly small house, so I sew on my dining room table. I store all my supplies in totes in my family room. This is one of the reasons I tend to only sew when my children are sleeping.

NQC: If you could create your dream quilting space, what would it be like?

AS: It would be nice to have a room dedicated to crafting. It would have a large table, a nice sewing desk, and plenty of storage space for all my wonderful fabric. Just being able to leave my sewing machine set up and my current project laid out would be a great thing.

Grey quilt hanging up

NQC: What’s your favorite type of fabric to work with?

AS: I’m all about quilter’s cotton. I’m not partial to one designer or manufacturer. I love vibrant colors, beautiful florals, and dots.

NQC: What would you say to someone who’s just getting started in quilting?

AS : I know a lot of people are nervous to try their first quilt. It doesn’t hurt to try! If you can sew a straight line and press seams, I’m sure you can put a quilt together. Once you try making your first quilt, you won’t want to stop. Start with an easy pattern and don’t worry about it being perfect. Quilts are your work of art and works of art are not perfect. You will love it, snuggle in it, and it will bring you happiness!

Quilt block challenge

Make sure to follow Andrea’s quilting adventures on her Facebook and Instagram, and visit her blog and online shop for more free quilt patterns!.

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31 Responses to “Meet Andrea Smith of Happy Cloud Creations”

  1. Judy Wales

    Interesting info. Thanks.

  2. Sandra

    First time do a quilt sew along with you.

  3. Betty Van Every

    Anxious to get started with quilts. I’m retired and live where we get 6 months of snow so this is a good way to stay busy.

  4. Patricia

    I'm a beginner and I love that chevron quilt! Looks not too hard to make but I wonder if you sell patterns. I fear trying to set up different sizes of quilts mathematically and could sure use some help.

  5. desertcat22

    I just joined and missed Block A and B instructions and pattern. How can I get first weeks info? Thank you, Sherry

  6. Elizabeth Aaron

    Hi Andrea! After reading your answers to the interview questions, I feel like your quilting background and mine are so similar that we might've been friends in a previous life! I love that you sew on your dining room table - I finally have a wee sewing room and when we moved in here, we got a different table and 'retired' the old one to my new room. My husband cut an opening in it and put a shelf under it for my machine to set flush with the table top. Like quilt fabric, it's been up-cycled! I'm doing the Happy Blocks challenge and loving it. Thank you for the fun patterns and the getting-to-know-you interview.

  7. Nancy Wicker

    Enjoying the opportunity.

  8. Jennie B Young

    Doing the quilting challenge will be the first time I attempt to make a quilt. Can you explain how it works? Will I be guided throughout the process of making the quilt? I'm excited to be a part of this project. I enjoyed seeing the work you have done. So beautiful!

  9. Judy Wheldon

    Hi, I don't always join block swaps or other types but your work and colours are very fetching. I am inspired to try some of your colour ways. I will do both blocks by my self, that way I'll not feel any pressure and I can coast at my own speed. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun. Judy Wheldon

  10. Janice H

    We are remodeling the whole house, so my sewing machine is on a card table, my ironing board is in the mud room and my cutting board is on the box freezer. We do what we need to do!