How to Make Melted Fabric Beads

Duration: 5:56

Heather Thomas demonstrates how quick and easy it is to make melted fiber beads to add excitment to your quilt. Learn how to identify meltable fabrics and how to properly test them to see how the fabric melts. Find out how to make beads using the melted fabric as well as what materials you will need. Use these tips to add beautiful embellishment to your quilts.

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3 Responses to “How to Make Melted Fabric Beads”
  1. Maggie

    And then, how do you use the beads? Seeing them on a quilt would have been nice. Wild Heather is great!

  2. Jo

    Love, love, love this. However, I would love to see how it used on a quilt. Also, what is that white roll you used to place the fabrics on?