5 Ideas for Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

Log Cabin quilt blocks are a timeless and simple pattern for any quilter to master. However, more experienced quilters still love them, as Log Cabin blocks can be made in many different ways. There really is a pattern for everyone!

This versatile quilt block is a fun way to test your creativity in color and design to give a new spin on an old classic. Here, we’ve compiled a list of our best log cabin tutorials, patterns, and embellishments to give you some inspiration!


  • Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Variations
  • Embellishing Log Cabin Quilt Blocks
  • Even More Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Variations
  • Log Cabin Quilt Squares with Scraps
  • Log Cabin Quilt Block Patterns
  • Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Variations

    Perhaps you are thinking about creating some embellished Log Cabin blocks, but don’t know where to start. This video will show you several examples of how Carolyn Beam uses Log Cabins creatively.


    Embellishing Log Cabin Quilt Blocks

    If you are a novice quilter or are looking for something simple, try some easy embellishments! The possibilities are endless, but here, Carolyn Beam gives you ideas on how to add interest and complexity to the center of your quilt blocks.


    Even More Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Variations

    A popular variation on the Log Cabin block is to add an 8 point star in the center. Follow along with Carolyn Beam step by step in this video to learn how to add stars to the center, and corners of your block. You’ll learn how to draw a grid diagram of your block from scratch and see how to mock up a full quilt on your computer.


    Log Cabin Quilt Squares with Scraps

    Who doesn’t love a project that allows you to use up scraps? The Log Cabin quilt block is perfect for just that. Aurora Sisneros will show you how to make your blocks specifically out of any fabric you may have lying around, and gives you tips on how to optimize your scrap usage.


    Log Cabin Quilt Block Patterns

    If you are a more experienced quilter and want to try your hand at creating your own Log Cabin quilt block patterns, we have the perfect video for you! Carolyn Beam will give you tips on different fabrics, variations, and techniques when planning your pattern.


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    24 Responses to “5 Ideas for Log Cabin Quilt Blocks”

    1. Patti Walker

      There are so many variations to the log cabin quilt.

    2. Therese Connors

      Does the log cabin quilt by Carolyn Bean, yellow and blue with star, come in a kit?

    3. Jan

      Love the flower center of the log cabin. I have a need for 12 1/2 inch blocks and would like this. How can I get instructions for this block and the log cabin around it?

    4. Alta Munson

      What computer program do you use to design your quilts?

    5. Maurya Smith

      Love the Log Cabin Variations …. Have made the typical pattern at least 30 times!

    6. PAT REED

      Love the log cabin pattern.Thank you

    7. Marian

      Love the pattern ideas

    8. Jenny

      These are all wonderful ideas for Log Cabin quilt blocks, and such beautiful examples! Thank you!

    9. Grace

      Great ideas.

    10. Ronda Martin

      I love the log cabin pattern and love finding variations of the log cabin pattern.