What Type of Batting for Place Mats?

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I’m making place mats—what type of batting do I need?

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If you want your place mats to be heat resistant, you can use heat-resistant batting. Otherwise, you can use thin cotton, polyester, or a cotton/poly blend.

If you need some more information about making your own place mats, our sister site National Sewing Circle has a few helpful videos: Serge-Along Placemats and Sewing Placemats Personalized with Photos.

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13 Responses to “What Type of Batting for Place Mats?”

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for contacting the National Quilters Circle with your question. Fusible batting works well for placemats. It’s a product that works great for small projects. It is much easier to fuse nicely when used in smaller projects. It can be more difficult to fuse large projects and keep the patchwork and backing smooth when moving it around on the pressing surface.

      Happy Quilting,

  1. Lori Smanski

    Thank you for sharing the different types of batting and the information of each one

  2. Bobbie

    I personally feel cotton should be used, no polyester. That way, if anything hot gets set on it, there is no risk of damage. Many of us heat leftovers on a plate in micro, take to table and eat. Plate will be hot, maybe damage poly batting.

  3. Luanne Jessel

    what would be a quality batting for placemats that does not make fabric wrinkle

    • Customer Service

      Hello Luanne,

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    • Sheri

      Warm and Natural is perfect – that’s what I always use… usually quilt as you w/just batting, then face edge to edge with backing (so no binding so it lays flatter). Then I quilt through all layers with an alternate design – if piecing is vertical, I do diagonal quilting. With a potholder or something meant for the table to put a hot serving dish on, I do one layer of Insul-Bright and batting on either side.

  4. Barb Beath

    hi I am looking for the pattern for the 12″ slip knot by Wendy Russel. Can anyone help

  5. Marilyn Culp

    Hi there. I want to make a covering for a small stool. I am new to sewing & need help to figure out how to cover it. The top is 12 “ in diameter & 24” high. I want to make Dresden plates to appliqué on it. Can someone help me figure out how big to make it please. Thank you. Marilyn