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5 Fabric Flower Ideas for Your Next Quilt

Flowers are a fun way to add some 3-dimensional interest to any quilt. Whether you are looking for ideas for your next art quilt or you are looking for the finishing touch to make your quilt come together perfectly, this list of hand-selected tutorials highlights exciting ways to create a variety of fabric flowers. We hope these tutorials will inspire you to look for fun ways to incorporate different flowers or 3D embellishments onto your quilts.

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Quilter Spotlight: Susan Carlson

Meet Susan Carlson, an amazing quilt artist, and author of the blog Susan Carlson Quilts. She was nominated as a top blogger in National Quilters Circle’s 2018 Blogger Awards competition, and won the category of Best Art Quilt Blog. We wanted to get to know Susan a bit more and learn what fuels her quilting…

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What is Lutradur, and How Do I Use It?

I had never heard of Lutradur before today. True, I am more of a traditional quilter, but I would love to begin doing more art quilts. I saw something today that really got me excited. This video about Lutradur, presented by Heather Thomas of Wild Heather Designs, really got my mind racing and my psyche…

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What Kind of Quilter Are You? Part 1: Understanding How We Categorize Quilts

“Nomenclature is a system of names, or terms, and the rules for forming these terms in a particular field of arts, or sciences. The principles of naming vary from the relatively informal conventions of everyday speech to internationally-agreed upon principles, rules,, and recommendations that govern the formation, and use of the specialist terms used in…

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