How to Use Printed Quilt Labels

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   5  mins

More quilters today are starting to place labels on the back of their quilts. These labels can help us to keep track of when a quilt was given, why it was given, and who it was given to. Kelly Hanson demonstrates how to make a quilt label, and how to prepare these labels for your next quilting project.

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8 Responses to “How to Use Printed Quilt Labels”

  1. Sharon

    I'm deaf. Any chance for CC on these. If you do do a video on how to make a quilt label, I'd love to "hear" it.

  2. Mary Ellen Wilson

    Where did you get the label sheets?

  3. Randy miller

    once you seal the crayon with the wax paper is the quilt then machine washable?

  4. Carma

    Are you sure that is wax paper she is ironing and not freezer paper? I’m concerned wax would catch fire when ironed and ruin the quilt or label. It looks like parchment.

  5. Kathy Boudreau

    Freezer paper NOT wax paper. Too simple a video - I already know how to color

  6. Donna

    Hi, just was a little disappointed in not really learning "HOW" to use the printed quilt label. I learned a lot about coloring. But was hoping to learn more about maybe, fusing or applique. I've never put a label on a quilt. It would be nice to know how. Thank you.I do love the labels and coloring is a great idea.

  7. Jeri

    I'm pretty sure Kelly is using freezer paper on the back of these label sheets...

  8. Allyson

    You keep calling it "wax paper" but it looks like freezer paper, which is not the same thing. What is it that you are using? Wax paper is usually waxed on both sides and is somewhat transparent. Thanks!

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