NQC LIVE! July 2017

In this month’s NQC LIVE with Heather Thomas, get tips on how to make your binding look professional on both the right and wrong side, learn how to secure your backing fabric when basting your quilt and get ideas on how to make a Family Tree Quilt.

Expert quilting tips
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  1. Susan Chinouth

    Heather can you ask the girl to print here the answer to my question about the Coolest batting to use for the Summer quilt. I heard Heather say the answer but could not write it down because my puppy had to go out! Sorry about that!

  2. Chrys Alam

    Do you have any tricks or advice on rolling up a full size quilt for free motion quilting on a home machine? I have two Husqvarnas-a Lily 550 (my work horse) and Designer SE. Thank you so much 😊

  3. Carol

    You said in one of your show you use top stitch needles for quilting what of needles do you use.

  4. Patricia

    I am making a t-shirt quilt (1st time) is it advisable to use quilting cotton as spacer between rows? I think there is enough t-shirts (am not sure) to make a king size blanket. Where is a good guide for how much fabric I need for the back of a king size quilt.

  5. skipskip01

    Thanks for your wonderful knowledge. What long arm machine do you prefer for a new longarmer. I want to use it for myself, and gifts.

  6. JANET

    Fyi: Dharma Trading Co now has their version of Synthropol which is cheaper. Thanks for previous answer.

  7. Dusty Mac

    When you start to quilt, do you begin in the middle of the quilt, or do you start at one corner/edge?

  8. Susan Chinouth

    What are you talking about? Center Pol? What is that? I have no idea what you are talking about…

  9. Diana Unger

    once you use synthrapol, do you need to keep using it or does it take all the excess dye out so it will not bleed any more.

    • Susan Chinouth

      I am making a Summer Quilt. i wanted to use the thinnest batting I could find because I don’t want to sweat under it while sleeping. What is the coolest batting or fabric I can use in the middle? One shop suggested flannel fabric. What do you think is the coolest?

  10. Linda Mischloney

    I usually have a question but not tonight. I just want to thank you for sharing your time, talents and love of quilting with us each month.

  11. Karen Swann

    What is the best way to piece a quilt in sections. I am doing a flip flop quilt where I have five rows of flip flops that are appliqued. Can I do two rows with backing and then add three after they have been quilted.? If I do that how do I hide the seams on the back. ?

  12. JANET

    First thanks for all the valuable tips I have learned on this shows. I finally purchased some synthropol and now need to know if you wash fabric and quilts in hot water like it says. I tried to scan previous shows but couldn’t find it. And when I searched for washing quilts on NQC it talked about spot cleaning and washing in the bath tub. No way I can do that. I suggest you make a video that talks about the use of synthropal and retayane so maybe you won’t get the question each month. lol Also how do you get chalk quilt marks out of quilts? Thanks again.

  13. Debby

    Is it ok to use lower quality fabrics on a quilt sandwich used for practicing free motion quilting? Or is better to practice on the same fabric you are using in your quilt?

    • Gloria

      I took a quilting class, and we used plain muslin. The teacher devided into four parts and taught us different designs to keep. She also taught us to make pillow tops!