Why is Quilting Better Than Chocolate?

Sometimes all you need in life is a little bit of chocolate. For the rest of the time, all you need is quilting! So we wanted to bring the question to the group and ask our National Quilters Circle members to fill in the blank: “Quilting is better than chocolate because ______.” The responses made us smile! Here are a few of our favorites.

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While chocolate is definitely a close second to quilting, we’d rather be quilting any day. Or better yet… eating chocolate WHILE quilting!

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17 Responses to “Why is Quilting Better Than Chocolate?”

  1. Janice Park

    quilts last for you to enjoy a very long time as compared to the few moments of the enjoyment of a good piece of chocolate.

  2. Linda Evans

    Quilting is better than chocolate because you can savor a quilt longer then chocolate.

  3. duffer

    You can’t be very creative with chocolate but you can create and keep forever your quilted designs. Chocolate is a moment in the mouth forever on the hips, quilting is months of sewing and forever keeping you warm.

  4. Linda

    Quilting is better than chocolate because people don’t judge you when you play with your fabric. And playing with chocolate wastes the chocolate!

  5. Iris

    A quilt settles around my hips and is removable in seconds. Chocolate settles IN my hips and takes a long time to move it if ever.