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Can I Mix Old and New Fabrics?

I have inherited some hand piecing work from my mom. They were probably pieced during the 1920s or 30s. I’m thinking of making borders from new fabric (with an older, heirloom look), but I am a little concerned about incorporating old and… Read More

Quilting Makes Me Feel…

We all have unique experiences when we’re quilting and we often find ourselves feeling certain emotions as we work. Each day is different and we quilt for many different reasons, but most of us can agree that quilting brings out the best in us! Everyone has a different reason for… Read More

Where Should I Place My Ruler?

In terms of measuring, I have often wondered whether the line on a ruler should sit ON the edge or BESIDE the edge of the fabric? I know it might only be a whisker difference but should I only see fabric beneath the measurement line? Submitted by Denise… Read More

Quilters We Love: Norma Riehm

Meet Norma Riehm, an accomplished quilt artist and professional quilter. Norma is also a member of the National Quilters Circle Ambassador program! We sat down with Norma and asked her to share a little about herself and her quilting. How long have you been quilting,… Read More

Quilters We Love: Fran Gurka

Meet Fran Gurka, a long-time quilter with a passion for learning and sharing her craft with others. Fran is also a member of the National Quilters Circle Ambassador program! We sat down with Fran and asked her to share a little about herself and her quilting. Read More

Starting in the Center or at the Sides: What’s the Scoop?

I was always taught to start quilting in the center of my quilt and work my way out and down, then return to the center of the quilt and repeat in the other in direction. Lately, I’ve come across many ideas that seem to start on the side or mention stabilizing the quilt at key points and then doing what I want, where I want to do it. What’s the scoop? Read More

What to Look for in a Rotary Cutter

Part of achieving precision and beauty in quilt-making is using the right tool for the right job. A rotary cutter is composed of a wheeled blade and a handle, just like a pizza cutter. Because your hand doesn’t nudge the cloth or otherwise get in the… Read More

Thread Color for Machine Quilting

I’m learning to use your quilting methods on my longarm machine. They are very clear and well done, thank you so much. My question is: You suggest always using the same thread on the bobbin as well as the top to eliminate the bottom thread showing up at any time on the top, and as well you suggest changing threads on top with the different color changes of the piecing. It all looks great, but does that mean we change the bottom thread each time we change the top thread? Read More

Selecting the Right Quilting Ruler for the Job

Precisely pieced historic quilts make it hard to believe that quilters from times past could achieve such accuracy with only cardboard templates and scissors. Since the invention of the rotary cutter in 1979, modern quilters have come to rely on special quilting rulers in their quest… Read More