NQC LIVE! January 2018

Did you miss the latest installment in our NQC LIVE series with the very talented Gina Perkes. Gina answers your quilting question live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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128 Responses to “NQC LIVE! January 2018”

  1. Carol J
    Carol J

    How could we make it ‘modern’? I have a hard time understanding the concept and am wondering if this might be something to try with this challenge?

  2. Debbie Mallicoat-Dover
    Debbie Mallicoat-Dover

    Ive signed up in the past and never got any communication. How do I make sure Im in this time?

  3. Charlotte Huner
    Charlotte Huner

    What was the names of the soap to wash the material again. I didn’t get that.

  4. Vera

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this free quilt challenge, I am so looking forward to the first and last block and finishing.

  5. Meliss Swanson
    Meliss Swanson

    what cutting tool brands do you use. i have found that i end up with varying sized blocks in a different Block of the week group i’m in. also what if any sized special rulers or cutting tools might be useful for this project?

  6. Claire Alvarez
    Claire Alvarez

    I just wanted to say thank you for bringing this to us! It’s going to be great!

  7. Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart
    Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart

    About the spray starch…I just heard somewhere that starch has things in it that will attract bugs when the quilt is stored. So the suggestion was to wash the piece after it is finished to get the starch out so it can be stored.

  8. Karen

    Why do ridges or bulges sometimes develop if you are using a heavy quilting design? How do you avoid this problem? Do you always start in the center and work out to the edges?

  9. Celia J Thompson
    Celia J Thompson

    I noticed on your website there are kits available for the Quilt challenge. I like the mono one with pink, but I am having a hard time deciding where the pink will go. Can you explain or tell me where I might find a picture of it? Thanks so much

  10. Katherine Jackson
    Katherine Jackson

    I’m new to quilting. I got 30 weight machine quilting thread. Is this a a good weight or do I need the 60 weight thread?

  11. Carol

    Is there a thread out there than can be used for practice so your not wasting thread/material.

  12. Vera

    I cut off part of my index finger for a “sharp” rotary cuter, so now I wear a thimble or a rubber tip for hot glue.

  13. Barbara

    With quilt as you go are you talking about stitch in the ditch kind of look or different designs in the spaces between?

  14. Carol Gaunitz
    Carol Gaunitz

    I just started long-arm quilting & LOVE it. I really like using pantagrams. The shop I go to offers rental . time on one of their machines after an initial class. Would a pantagram work for this? Thanks

  15. Pam Wells
    Pam Wells

    I’m still trying to decided if I am ready for the quilting club. I have 8 blocks completed for a wall hanging which was done in a class. The class ended and I don’t even know where to go from here. I am truly a novice. Perhaps I am not ready for the quilting challenge. Your thoughts please.

  16. Raewyn Clark
    Raewyn Clark

    I start beginers with three colours and one contrast. Starting with a simple four patch, expanding to larger blocks and techniques slowly. Learning can be overwhelming and scare potential quilters off all together.

  17. Terri Drake
    Terri Drake

    I signed up for the newsletter, have not received it and when I go to the National Quilting Circle, keep getting “failed-network error” and can’t download coloring page or any information on the block challenge.

  18. Cheryl

    Gina you’ve talked a lot about rotary cutters, but how do you feel about Accuquit or Sizzix cutters

  19. Anne pardieck
    Anne pardieck

    Looking forward to this challenge. I thought I had already signed up but never recieved my pattern so signing up now. Thank you!

  20. Sandra

    Understand Quilt Challenge began Jan 11 but have not received email for first block. I have already signed up to receive weekly blocks—where can I go to get block or just wait for email? Thank you.

  21. Rukmatie MANGAL
    Rukmatie MANGAL

    Retired Banker . Took a few classes on Quilting at the local quilt shop . Experimenting on patterns I buy. Invested in a few quilting magazines and books and lots of material. I take the finished quilts to the shop to be finished but this costs an arm and a leg .Thinking about buying a quilter soon.

  22. JOAN

    Today is January 13; where do I find block 1 for Gina Perkes block challenge? Thought it was to be out January 11?

  23. Susan Rasmussen
    Susan Rasmussen

    I have signed up for the Quilt Block Challenge but where do I get the instructions for it? I don’t think it came to me email.

  24. Margaret Bulgin
    Margaret Bulgin

    Hello, I have signed up for the quilt block challenge and I have received the emails with the fabric requirements and pattern for block 2. I have not received the pattern for block 1. I have checked my spam and other in boxes. Would you please send me the block 1 pattern? Many thanks in anticipation, Margaret Bulgin

  25. Dawn Evenson
    Dawn Evenson

    Would like to join the block challenge! Where do I get the pattern blocks I have missed?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Dawn,

      We are excited that you are joining the block challenge. All the blocks are posted in our Facebook Page, NQC Quilt Block Challenge.

      Have fun!
      Becky NQC Video Membership

  26. jodell wells
    jodell wells

    I did not get the blocks will you resend then . I think these blocks are so nice .thanks

  27. ena wya
    ena wya

    I tried to sign up/register for the blocks and sign up, but the email section of the link is not working.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Ena,

      I have signed up your email address for the NQC Quilt Block Challenge.

      Becky NQC Video Membership