Heather Thomas

Using Cheesecloth Fabric to Make a Unique Quilt

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   16  mins

When it comes to making an art quilt, there are no limits as to what kind of fabric to use. Heather Thomas shows how to make a quilt using cheesecloth fabric.

What is Cheesecloth Fabric?

Cheesecloth fabric is a cotton blend fabric, sometimes called gauze cheesecloth or cotton gauze muslin. It is a fabric with a very open weave making it lightweight and perfect for a wide array of projects from baking to crafting and in this case quilting. Cheesecloth fabric can be found on bolts or in packages in craft and fabric stores as well as in the baking or cooking section of most big box stores.

Preparing the Fabric

Cheesecloth fabric is commonly found in white or off white but it very easy to add color to. Heather explains several ways to add color to the fabric before using it. Heather also explains how the fabric is folded whether it is on a both or in a package, and shows how to separate out the layers.

Cheesecloth Fabric Quilt

For her cheesecloth art quilt in this quilting tutorial, Heather shows how to begin by layering a backing piece of fabric, batting and a layer of fabric for the background of the top. From there she begins arranging small pieces of different colored cheesecloth onto the quilt top, almost as a quilt embellishment. The fabric tends to bunch together and stick to itself, which Heather shows how to utilize when creating a design. She explains what the overall look for the quilt is that she is going for and how to create it by ensuring there is enough open space distributed among the pieces of cheesecloth. Heather then shows how to place a single layer of cheesecloth over the top of the design and quilt it to hold everything in place. She explains what areas of the quilt to stitch first and why as well as what foot to have on the machine to make stitching over the cheesecloth easier. She then shows how to finish the quilt by using cheesecloth fabric to create a fun edging.

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