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TrueSharp 2 Rotary Blade Sharpener

Colleen Tauke
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Rotary blades that cut properly reduce stress and frustration when cutting patchwork. No matter how careful we are with our rotary cutting tools, blades eventually lose that perfect edge. What is a quilter to do? Dull blades tend to lead to accidents and injuries, which none of us want to experience.

The Grace Company has created a rotary blade sharpening system that can be used on all sizes of blades from the small 33 mm all the way up to the 60 mm size. The system comes with a set of accessories that make preparing the sharpener quick and safe. The sharpener is prepared for use, by applying a drop or two of sharpening oil to the diamond cut stone. Next, carefully remove the blade from the handle mechanism by using the provided “tweezers” and place the blade in the sharpener. Aligning the center hole with the center of the sharpener compartment. Lower the lid, but do not lock it. Trigger the sharpening mechanism, referring back to the directions for the approximate length of time needed to improve the cutting edge of the blade. This can take a series of sharpening attempts, depending on the condition of the blade. It may also improve the edge of the sharpening process is done from both sides of the blade.

The True Sharp 2 can assist you with getting a bit more life out of your cutting tools. The sharpening process can improve the cutting edge for a cleaner, less effortless cutting experience. The Grace Company has devised this sharpening system with quilters in mind.

To learn more about techniques of cutting patchwork with a focus on Cutting Long Quilt Borders, follow the link provided. We also have a great video all about How to Make Accurate Cuts, so follow the link for more great instructions.

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2 Responses to “TrueSharp 2 Rotary Blade Sharpener”

  1. Sue Petitjean

    I'm a member, I don't see the sharpener available for purchase. So how can I get the sharpener, please.

  2. Jane

    Where do you get the Machine from for sharpening the discs cutting discs

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