Making a Rail Fence Quilt Pattern Using Jelly Roll

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Learn how to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly roll – Heather Thomas shows you how!


In order to learn how to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly rolls you first need to know what a jelly roll is. Heather shows an example of one size of jelly roll and explains that they are pre cut strips of fabric packaged into rolls. You can find jelly rolls in varying sizes containing 20, 30 or even up to 40 strips of fabric. Generally the strips are all 2 ½” wide by a width of fabric and are all either matching, coordinating or from the same fabric collection. Heather then explains that it is possible to find a jelly roll that contains strips that are not all cut at exactly 2 ½”, but that to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly rolls- it doesn’t really matter how wide the strips are.


Heather explains that a rail fence quilt pattern is made by first piecing together three strips. She shows how to do this and explains that when making a large quilt it is quicker and easier to string piece together sets of two strips and then go back and add the third. Once the strips have been pieced together Heather shows how to accurately press the strips without distorting them. She then shows how to measure the width of the pieced strip and then cut them to that length- creating a square.

Once all of the squares have been cut out you can lay out the rail fence quilt design, which consists of alternating the direction of the rails in each block. After mastering this fun way to make a rail fence quilt pattern using jelly rolls- check out more jelly roll quilt pattern ideas and try our class on jelly rolls!

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