How to Print on Fabric

Kelly Hanson
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Duration:   3  mins

Printing on fabric can be a great way to add photos and other personal touches to a quilt. Kelly Hanson shares with you two of her favorite products to use when printing on fabric and explains how to use them.

Set Up

When preparing to do any kind of image transfer technique on a quilt project you want to ensure you are using the right kind of printer. For printing on fabric you want to use an inkjet printer with high quality ink. This will help ensure that you get a good quality photo that will last.


Another key factor in how long a photo printed on fabric will last is what product you are printing it on. While one way to transfer images to fabric may be to simply tape a piece of fabric to printer paper and run it through your printer, this doesn’t alway create a photo that can stand up to repeated washing. Kelly shares one of her favorite product to use instead that can be laundered – Threads. Threads is a 100% cotton poplin sheet of fabric that you can run through your inkjet printer. Another product Kelly likes to use is called EQ Printables. It is also a sheet of cotton fabric that can be used in a printer. With either product she is using, Kelly explains how she begins by printing and image on the fabric. She then lets it dry and uses a series of several steps including washing and pressing to ensure the image is set on the fabric. Once it is dry and the image has been set, you can remove the paper or plastic backing from the fabric sheet and you are ready to use it on your next quilting project, whether you incorporate it into a block or applique it in place.

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10 Responses to “How to Print on Fabric”

  1. Georgia Lahay

    Thank you so much for the info for printing pictures on fabrics. Have not done this for years and wanted to see if there were new products to use. Very useful video!


    I have done a lot of memory quilts. I have found a product called Bubble Jet Set works great and is much less expensive if you have a lot of pictures to do. You can also cut the fabric to the size you need so there is very little waste. You soak the fabric in the Bubble Jet Set, let it dry and iron it onto freezer paper. Put it through your inkjet printer. There is a rinse that you can use to remove any extra ink if this is an item that is going to be washed.

  3. Linda Pucillo

    Great information! I would like to try this technique and have put it on my list for 2022. I do have some questions When using this on a quilt, is it appliquéd on? Used as a block? Do we quilt over it? Or if appliqued, is it applied after quilting the quilt? Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Karla

    I found the EQ product would NOT run through my Epson printer. The backing was too slick and it jammed every time I tried. A friend had to print the sheets of quilt labels for our Guild for me.

  5. Jami Curtis

    Super excited about this! I've been searching for a way to transfer photos to fabric that will stay and look professional (I'm making a quilt for a fan group project). This is the only place I've found anything that looks promising. Thank you so much. I'll try to remember to share pics when my project is finished:)

  6. Tracey Towner

    what exact printer did you use for the samples you showed? I would appreciate this info since I need to buy a printer and like the quality shown. Many thanks! Tracey

  7. Louise Dicaire

    A question.....i did a memory quilt. A photo Is peling and cracquing....Is there a way to reparle it., with a plastic film or glue of some kind....thank you for answering

  8. Verna Woodland

    When printing on to fabric what type works best? I have some tight weave cotton that is extremely nice to the touch. But I notice some of the fabric people use is a looser weave and a rough finish. Which is best?

  9. Jean Blezinski

    Thank you so much for your video on the printable fabric! Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Everything came out perfect!

  10. Deborah Alba

    Do you use a photo inkjet printer or just a plain inkjet printer?

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