Heather Thomas

Bargello Quilt Pattern Table Runner

Heather Thomas
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Duration:   18  mins

Bargello quilts are made by sewing strips of fabric together in a way to create beautiful movement and design. While the construction of a bargello quilt pattern is simply straight line sewing, matching up the many seams in the quilt can be tedious and tricky. Heather Thomas shows you how to sew a quick and easy table runner that has a bargello design but doesn’t require matching any seams.


Because a bargello quilt pattern looks to be made up of many small squares and rectangles, figuring out how to cut out all the pieces may seem intimidating. Heather explains how the quilt is constructed using strips sets, and shows how easy they are to make. She then goes over all of the measurements required to cut and assemble the strips as well as the background. Heather tells you how many strips sets were used to make the table runner and explains how that amount can be adjusted to make a much larger quilt.


Once a strip set is stitched, it needs to be pressed. Even though there are no seams to match up in Heather’s bargello quilt pattern, pressing is still very important. She shows an easy technique to use while pressing to ensure everything lays flat and there is no extra bulk in any seam.

Tube Construction Technique

Just like a traditional bargello quilt pattern, Heather stitches the strip set into a tube, cuts different width strips from the tube and then explains how cutting the strips apart at different sections creates the movement in the quilt design. She then demonstrates how the strips can be easily stitched together with matching only the beginning and end of the strip.

Fabric Strips

Using strips sets makes the construction of a bargello quilt pattern much easier, and the same technique can also be used for other quilt designs as well. Strip piecing can be used to save time when adding the same combination of fabrics to a quilt in multiple areas. Long strips of different fabrics can be stitched together and then cut down into smaller sub sections to be used throughout a piece. Strip quilting is also a quick and easy way to create a background for a piece.

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