Pattern Freebies: GO! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern

Prism Quilt Quilting isn’t just about piecing together a warm covering to guard against chilly weather. It’s a sharable labor of love: a way to liven up a bed with an embellished throw pillow, or a creative way to add some visual texture to your living spaces. If you want to energize an otherwise boring bedroom (or any room in your home) the Go! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt is a wonderful addition on a cold night and a way to bring an abundance of color into your world, whether you hang it on a display rack or drape it across the foot of the bed.

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Inspired by Tradition, Modern Enough for Every Home

The first thing many people notice when they download the Go! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern from our friends at AccuQuilt is the delicious colors. (Don’t they remind you of fruity sherbet?) Naturally, if you want to duplicate the pattern to coordinate with an existing color scheme, feel free to go bold and vibrant or take a more subtle approach with springtime pastels – the choice is yours.

Pink and white quilt square Experienced quilters may recognize the traditional Eight-Point-Star that forms the central portion of each block, but if you look more closely, the star seems to be hovering above another traditional design, the Prairie Point. Color choices give each delightful block depth, adding dimensional layers and visual texture that a simple, single-color-eight-point-star assembled on a white background can’t deliver. This is a traditional block with a twist, suitable for all skill levels. Beginners who have been hesitant to try a pattern with points will be surprised at how simple the pattern is to follow. Plus, the Block on Board (BOB) die makes it fast and easy to cut out, so you can get started creating blocks with precision cut pieces right away with GO! LeMoyne Star-9″ Finished and the GO! Square-2½” die.

Finishing Techniques, Your Time to Get Creative

This pattern lends itself to a variety of finishing techniques. Beginners may opt to use a high-loft batt and tie each center point. Intermediate quilts may prefer outline-quilting techniques and more advanced crafters may decide to embellish the borders and lattice-strip squares with embroidery.

Colorful prism quilt A note to beginners: Each technique influences the final size of your quilt and the amount of time it takes to finish your masterpiece. Tying typically doesn’t change the original size as much as traditional quilting and takes less time than adding thousands of tiny stitches by hand. Each knot should be spaced 5 to 6 inches apart to stabilize the batting. A good approach, if this is your first quilt, would be to tie in the center of each star each green square along the borders and joining strips.

One more quick note: Fabric recommendations, notions, and assembly instructions are included with your Go! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern. Please refer to the color coded chart for exact yardage and piece quantities before you start cutting. You can use this block pattern in samplers and other quilts to add a unique border or center focal point, too! Download your pattern now to get started on your adventure. Happy quilting!

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