Meet a Member: Kathy Schuitemaker

With so many talented and vibrant members of the National Quilters Circle community, we thought it was high time to turn the tables and let you do the talking! In this new feature, you can share your quilting story and project photos with your fellow members. Read on!

Kathy winner

I am a very new quilter. The first thing I ever made was a bedspread for my daughter when she went from the crib to a big girl bed. I quilted the top and then had a ruffle hanging down over the side. This was approximately 25 years ago! I remember having the fabric laid out across the floor trying to figure out how to do what I had pictured in my head.

I have done a lot of sewing since then though – I am always sewing something. Dolls, pillows, and various other things. I have also been doing a lot of hand embroidery work. Recently though, I decided I wanted to really get into quilting, and it has since become a sort of therapy for me while I’m working on a project.

I started by doing lots of reading and looking at various quilting websites. I have entered a few contests along the way, including one put on by National Quilters Circle giving away the AccuQuilt GoQube Mix and Match 12” Block. But when I received an email telling me that I won… I couldn’t believe it! I never win anything – I usually don’t have that kind of luck! Things like this just don’t happen to me… until now! My mother found a table runner she wants, so that will be my first project with my new prize!

– Kathy S.

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  1. Jackie Boyer

    Does anyone have a Pfaff 620 machine? I need the dimentions so I can see if it will fit in my custome sewing table. Thanks in advance for your help.

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